Franke A1000 Automatic Espresso Machine

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Think of a coffee, any coffee, and the A1000 delivers – reliably, cup after cup. Integrated performance features like FoamMaster™ and iQFlow™, along with the optional Flavor Station, create endless possibilities using the large, intuitive touch screen configured to your expectations. The integrated and fully automatic CleanMaster™ means your machine is guaranteed to meet the strictest hygiene standards, and our outstanding design allows the A1000 to match any situation.

CAPACITY | Up to 300 cups/day

MILK SYSTEM | FoamMaster™ Hot/Cold Milk and Hot/Cold Foam

FLAVORS | 6 Flavor options

CLEANMASTER™ | Fully automatic cleaning process

10.4″ TOUCH SCREEN | Incredibly simple operating concept

FOAMMASTER™ | For perfect foam

  • Digital Services
  • iQFlow™
  • Iced Coffee Module