Henny Penny Breading & Seasonings

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Easy and flavorful ways to turn your menu items into customer favorites!

Henny Penny Breading and Seasonings give cooked foods much of their flavor and texture, so it’s important to choose well. Henny Penny offers an extensive collection of breading and seasoning formulations, with something for every taste, menu, and health concern.

A number of breadings and seasonings crafted exclusively for Henny Penny fryers, combis, and rotisserie, bulk packaged for convenience and economy.

  • Flavor profiles, menu suggestions, and ordering information for all Henny Penny breading & seasonings.
  • Breading basics and tips.
  • 6 easy steps to perfectly breaded chicken.

Henny Penny has other consumable products that are also available here, Henny Penny Fryer Filter Media and Frying oil life extender.