Restaurant Equipment Repair

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your equipment is always up and always on.

24/7 Service and Support

Nobody knows your Taylor, Henny Penny, Franke Coffee Systems, Ubert, and Frontline equipment like DSL. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified with the required knowledge and expertise. You can rest assured knowing your machines will be fixed right…on the first time.

DSL has over 80 full-time technicians based across Western Canada, which means no matter when or where, DSL technicians are available to you and always stocked with genuine Taylor, Henny Penny, and Franke Coffee Systems, Ubert, and Frontline parts. Trust DSL to put you back in business faster than anyone else with our food service and restaurant equipment repair services.

Service requests outside of regular business hours will be charged at overtime rates (unless you are part of our AIO Program)

DSL's routine maintenance and priority service responses let us focus our energy on growing our business. If you're in Western Canada, I highly recommend DSL.

The Service Process

Our customer service team answers your call as quickly as we can. After understanding the nature of your equipment repair(s) or service request, we prioritize the call.

Priority 1 calls mean the machine is down. In this emergency repair situation, we have a response time of 24 hours within major centers, often targeting a 4-hour response on such calls.

Priority 2 is 48 hours within a major center, and Priority 3 is scheduled according to when we’re next in the area.

Why Use DSL for Your Restaurant Equipment Repair Services?

DSL is the only only factory-authorized company for warranty repair of your equipment. Repairing your equipment with an alternative company will therefore void your factory warranty.

Here are a few more reasons to choose DSL for your Food Service and Restaurant Equipment Repair Services:

Benefits of DSL's Restaurant Equipment Repair Services:

Equipment Uptime

The overall goal of our AIO program is to achieve optimal uptime. Uptime maximizes your profits through the availability of products, optimized product yields, and increased brand value through having a consistent quality product to sell.

Immediate Warranty Redemption

Warranty redemption is immediate. You don’t have to pay and wait for a refund; you don’t pay in the first place.

24/7 Emergency Technicians

We have technicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency calls.

Free Troubleshooting and Technical Assistance

We offer all our customers free troubleshooting and technical assistance. An experienced Journeyman technician completes all restaurant equipment repair services and troubleshooting. This routinely saves DSL customers over $100,000 per year in avoided service calls.

Workplace Safety Emphasis

DSL emphasizes workplace safety. All technicians are PPE and TDG trained and certified.

Extensive Parts Inventory

DSL service vehicles carry more Taylor, Henny Penny, and Franke Coffee Systems, Ubert, and Frontline parts than anyone else in the territory. With over $20,000 in parts inventory on each service vehicle, DSL will have the parts on board to fix your repair on the first visit.

30-Day Service Guarantee

DSL offers a 30-day service guarantee on all equipment repairs. If the unit malfunctions within that time and is deemed to be for the same reason, the return trip service call charges will be on us. All parts—excluding wearable items—have a 90-day warranty as well.

Top-Rated Distributor

DSL has been rated as an “A” rated distributor by Taylor every single year they’ve awarded the grading system. This is the highest reward Taylor can bestow on a distributor.

High First-Time Fix Rate

Historically, our first-time fix percentage (which is the percentage of times that we fix the problem completely the first visit) exceeds 90%.

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