DSL & Franke Coffee Systems

Franke stands at the forefront of the coffee industry with a clear vision of excellence and a keen understanding of global coffee industry trends. These modular coffee solutions allow businesses, from quick-service restaurants and convenience stores to high-end cafes, to create consistent superior coffee experiences without the need for a barista.

Each Franke automatic coffee machine, be it a specialized coffee maker with dedicated grinders and bean hoppers for freshly brewed bean-to-cup coffee or a commercial espresso specialty coffee machine, is designed with innovative features and intelligent coffee extraction technology for fast and consistent quality beverages. These machines don’t just brew coffee; they engage coffee lovers by unlocking the full potential of every roasted bean. Plus, with a dedicated milk system, milk-based beverages and dairy alternatives reach a new level of perfection, allowing customization to produce fresh hot or cold milk foam for specialty drinks.

Choosing Franke isn’t just about getting a great coffee machine; it’s about investing in a trusted industry partner committed to the pursuit of the perfect coffee and backed by a fleet of factory-trained service technicians.

Franke Innovation

Explore innovative commercial coffee makers with Franke’s Coffee Systems. These modular coffee systems tailor your coffee business just the way you want it. Whether it’s a fresh bean-to-cup coffee, hot chocolate, iced coffee or espresso specialty drink with up to 6 flavour options, Franke’s automatic coffee machines with smart tech ensure perfect coffee with every cup.

Innovative Franke coffee systems modular solutions enable a fully automatic cleaning system using special cleaning agents and water conditioners to guarantee perfect cleanliness, optimal performance, and long-lasting protection to ensure consistent high-level coffee capabilities, Franke coffee systems is sure to elevate your beverage game.

Franke Quality

Franke coffee machines stand for unwavering quality. With the precision of Swiss engineering, every machine is guaranteed to be top-notch. Crafted to offer a barista-quality coffee experience whether it’s a strong espresso, a refreshing cold milk drink, or a chilled iced coffee. With Franke, you can deliver consistent quality and achieve coffee excellence with every cup.

Franke Trust

Your journey in the coffee business is a shared adventure – one we’re excited to embark on with you. From the moment you choose a Franke bean-to-cup or espresso machine, you’re welcomed into a partnership that goes beyond a mere transaction. Our dedicated Franke experts are always on hand, offering insightful training and consultancy to ensure you’re fully equipped to take your entire coffee operation to the next level.