Franke A600 Automatic Espresso Machine

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A Crowd Pleaser for Perfect Coffee

Franke Coffee Systems have you covered with the Franke A600 Automatic Espresso Machine whether you’re serving thirsty customers in your bustling café or hotel guests who prefer a gourmet coffee experience. This Franke Coffee Machine stands out in service and self-service operations and can effortlessly serve large groups of customers a wide variety of premium drinks.

The interactive 8″ touch screen on this commercial espresso machine is exceptionally user-friendly, and with optional features like iQFlow™ and FoamMaster™, it caters to both baristas and customers. 

Compared to the Franke A800 Fresh Brew Automatic Coffee Machine and the Franke A1000 Flex Automatic Coffee Machine, the A600 also includes an integrated water tank and fully automatic cleaning system, CleanMaster, that meets the highest hygiene standards. This leaves you more time to focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Ideal Industries

The Franke A600 is perfect for industries requiring high-volume, high-quality coffee production. It shines particularly in a small commercial kitchen setting and proves indispensable for any café. Its reliability and performance also make it a great choice for hotels, universities, and large office environments.

Why Choose Franke Machines

Franke has meticulously studied the needs of restaurant operators, coffee roasters, and coffee lovers to create a Franke coffee machine that gets the best out of your beans every time. The Franke A600 coffee machine offers a choice of bean hoppers, intuitive self-service guides, and an automatic height-adjustable coffee outlet, putting you and your customers in total control. 

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Limitless Choices

From the perfect latte macchiato to classic espresso and everything in between, the Franke A600 offers a virtually limitless range of specialty coffee and milk beverages. Its capacity to make up to 150 cups per day ensures consistent quality and taste.

Expand your coffee offerings even further with our delicious iced coffee module and a range of optional features. Serve freshly-brewed chilled coffee on its own or combine it with milk, milk foam or syrups for a refreshing experience. 

Franke A600 Automatic Espresso Machine Specifications:

  • Capacity: Up to 150 cups per day of consistently delicious specialty coffee and milk beverages
  • Flavour Station: Automatic dosing station for up to 3 flavours

Franke A600 Automatic Espresso Machine Key Features:

  • CleanMaster: Fully automatic cleaning process meets the highest hygiene standards for hassle-free cleaning
  • Interactive 8″ Touch Screen: Easy to use and customizable, guiding both your staff and customers efficiently
  • iQFlow™: Groundbreaking IQFlow™ extraction technology for unrivalled in-cup quality
  • FoamMaster™: Provides milk foam akin to that of a skilled barista

Additional Features and Options:

  • Milk Systems: Choice between FoamMaster™ (FM) or Milk System (MS) for various milk options
    • FoamMaster™ (FM): hot and cold milk foam, individually adjustable consistency, integrated cleaning system
    • Milk System (MS): hot and cold milk and warm milk foam, exact dosing via milk pump
  • Cleaning Systems: CleanMaster (CM) for fully automated hygiene or EasyClean (EC) with manual addition of cleaning fluid.
  • Optional Digital Services: Gain real-time operational data and enhance customer experience
  • Optional Accounting System: Accepts multiple payment methods, ideal for public or private vending
  • Optional Cup Warmer: Features four heatable trays

Enjoy the pinnacle of Franke coffee systems with the Franke A600, an exceptional machine for any setting requiring top-notch coffee service.

For more information, including additional features, options, and to compare against other Franke models, Request a Brochure today.