Franke Fresh Brew | Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine

Step into the future of coffee brewing with the Franke Coffee Systems specialty automatic coffee makers. These bean-to-cup coffee machines offers unparalleled quality and are designed to handle the needs of diverse customers, from those who favour iced coffee to coffee been aficionados.

  • Available in 2 capacities:
    • A400: 100 cups/day 
    • A800: 250 cups/day

Available across western Canada!

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg


Franke’s Fresh Brew Coffee Machines are engineered to deliver exceptional coffee quality with unmatched convenience, making them perfect for a wide range of business environments. Designed with advanced technologies and user-friendly features, these fresh brew, bean-to-cup, commercial coffee machines bring the finest coffee experience directly to your customers.

Quality and consistency are at the forefront of Franke’s Fresh Brew Coffee Machines. The iQFlow™ Technology ensures consistent extraction quality, providing unparalleled in-cup taste for every beverage, while the patented brew unit guarantees optimal brewing conditions for each coffee type. These machines also boast efficient cleaning systems. The CleanMaster system offers a fully automatic cleaning process with an integrated cleaning cartridge, ensuring top hygiene standards with minimal effort. Alternatively, the EasyClean system simplifies the cleaning process with the manual addition of cleaning fluid, maintaining perfect hygiene with ease.

The Franke A400 is compact and efficient, designed for medium-volume environments like offices, small cafes, and convenience stores. The Franke A800, with its high-capacity design, is suited for demanding settings. It features three boilers for simultaneous coffee preparation, hot water, and steam. Enhanced options such as additional flavour stations, dual milk systems, and IoT capabilities for remote monitoring and control make it perfect for busy cafes, large restaurants, and high-traffic areas.

Franke’s automatic coffee machines are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses looking to offer top-tier coffee experiences. With their advanced technology, user-friendly interfaces, and robust build, these machines ensure that every cup served is of the highest quality, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting business success.

Explore the possibilities with Franke’s innovative coffee solutions and take your coffee service to the next level.


Franke A400

This compact but premium coffee machine comes with an automatic cleaning system and a unique interactive touch screen which can be configured to your needs, making it easy to operate for everyone who uses it. Add options like our FoamMaster™, and you can create a wide range of drinks that go above and beyond expectations.

The Franke A400 fully automatic machine fresh brew has two bean hoppers with dedicated grinders to ensure flavour quality from bean-to-cup, producing up to four sizes for your convenience store, workplace or Quick Service Restaurant. Franke A400 is good to make any type of seasonal coffee for your business.

Capacity | Up to 100 cups per day of consistently delicious quality coffee


  • Bean hopper: 1×2 kg, 2×1.2 kg or 2 × 0.6 kg
  • Up to 2 precision grinders with durable ceramic grinding disks
  • Coffee grounds chute assembly
  • Raised feet (100 mm)
  • Patented brewing unit, removable from the front
  • Recessive drip tray
  • Cup warmer with 4 heatable trays
  • Accounting system (can be used for various payment methods)
Franke A800

The Franke A800 Fresh Brew offers a powerful bean-to-cup solution that guarantees each cup is brewed to order for more taste and less waste. With a capacity to produce up to 250 cups of top-quality coffee per day, this Franke machine coffee innovation accommodates up to 3 different types of beans, granting everyone their ideal cup of coffee. The Franke A800 comes equipped with advanced features like two rear bean hoppers with 2.5 lbs capacity each and an additional front bean hopper with 1.3 lbs capacity. The hoppers are lockable for security and freshness.

The Franke A800 excels in industries demanding frequent and high-quality coffee output. It performs exceptionally well in commercial kitchens and is a must-have for any cafe. The Franke A800 is also a great fit for large corporate offices, hotels, and educational institutions.

Capacity | Up to 250 cups per day of consistently delicious quality coffee

Key Features:

  • Bean Hoppers: 2 rear (2.5 lbs each), 1 front (1.3 lbs) – lockable
  • Interactive 10.4″ Touch Screen: User-friendly interface with video capability
  • iQFlow™: Revolutionary IQFlow™ extraction technology ensures superior in-cup quality
  • Automated Outlet: Height-adjustable, combined water, and coffee outlet with cup sensor
  • EasyClean: Streamlined automatic cleaning for optimal hygiene

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