All In One (AIO) Program

Optimize your operations with our comprehensive maintenance and support services.

Maximize Your Operational Efficiency with the All In One (AIO) Program

Unlock seamless efficiency and reliability across your operations with DSL’s All In One (AIO) Program, tailored specifically for businesses in Western Canada. This comprehensive program ensures that your equipment operates at peak performance with routine maintenance, priority service responses, and no unexpected costs. Join us to ensure your operations are as streamlined and efficient as possible, allowing you to focus more on growing your business while we handle the complexities of equipment upkeep.

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The AIO Program

The program focuses on providing services that maximize uptime. This includes supplementary services such as overtime, loaner units, and lifetime equipment training. It also offers a balanced cost over a monthly basis for better budgeting, controlling M&R costs with no hidden surprises.

Business Hours and SLAs

DSL attends over 3,000 monthly reactive service calls in Western Canada, consistently meeting our target of 90% First Time Fix and Response. Our current standard business hours are Monday-Saturday 8 am-5 pm. Service required after those parameters would require approval for OT. On the AIO program there are no OVer-Time charges, all service is included 24/7 365 days a year.

Benefits of AIO​

Equipment Uptime

The overall goal of our AIO program is to achieve optimal uptime. Uptime maximizes your profits through the availability of products, optimized product yields, and increased brand value through having a consistent quality product to sell.

Increased Equipment Lifetime ​

A regular PM schedule with the right scope and parts has proven to increase equipment lifetime by 20%. The AIO program supports and increases that further by ensuring all repairs get done (reactively and proactively) to align with our uptime goals.

Less time on Administrative Tasks ​

With the AIO program in place, you see only one monthly invoice. This significantly reduces administrative time on processing invoices, issuing PO#s, and disputing invoices. The time saved on these tasks is valued in the tens of thousands of dollars annually. It also lets your team focus on other initiatives to help grow your business like guest experience.

Equipment Knowledge ​

We identify operational issues on the program and communicate those issues to the proper teams to ensure we can take corrective actions and educate your teams on proper procedures to ensure food safety, product consistency, and optimal uptime.

Better Reporting ​

Tying into some of DSL’s “big bets,” our new cloud capabilities will complement new IOT technology (when available) to be able to report many different pieces of information. These capabilities will also enable DSL to predict failure, prevent downtime, and present conditional-based maintenance based on the input/output of equipment

Better Product Quality and Output ​

When proper PM and service are complete, the machine’s capacity increases significantly and the energy required to run the unit decreases. The inverse of this would be lower output, and lower yields, resulting in inconsistent product quality and profitability.

Serving Western Canada

The AIO (all in one) service program is an offering from DSL currently available to our partners across Western Canada. This subscription-based service partnership includes all scheduled maintenance visits, auto-shipments of replacement/wearable parts, lifetime training, and all overtime service work in any major center.

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