Franke A1000 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Think of a coffee, any coffee, and the A1000 delivers – reliably, cup after cup. Integrated performance features like FoamMaster™ and iQFlow™, along with the optional Flavor Station, create endless possibilities using the large, intuitive touch screen configured to your expectations. The integrated and fully automatic CleanMaster™ means your machine is guaranteed to meet the strictest hygiene standards, and our outstanding design allows the A1000 to match any situation.

The A1000 is the new standard in fully automatic coffee machines. With this latest innovation, the leading manufacturer Franke is ready to take you to the next level of luxury. The A1000 was created to give all guests their very own little moments of luxury every day. No matter what their favourite coffee might be, the A1000 can fulfill their wishes.

The A1000 features up to 3 precision grinders with long-lasting ceramic grinding discs. A 10″ intuitive touchscreen displays HD video along with sound. FoamMaster™ comes standard on the A1000. The automatic cleaning system, CleanMaster is standard on the A1000. Three high-performance boilers for hot water, preparing coffee, and steam deliver the high capacity level of the A1000.

The A1000 is the perfect solution for restaurants, convenience stores, quick-serve restaurants, schools, and more.

Capacity | Up to 300 cups per day of consistently delicious quality coffee


  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation on 10-inch panel with HD video and sound
  • New intelligent refrigeration unit for up to two types of milk with two parallel refrigeration circuits, including FoamMaster™ milk foam
  • Patented brew unit
  • Up to three grinders
  • Three boilers for hot water, coffee preparation, and steam for high-capacity levels
  • IoT – Access the A1000 from a smartphone or tablet
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Fully automatic cleaning system – CleanMaster
  • Professional installation and 1 year scheduled maintenance program available
  • 12 months parts and labour warranty

Milk system – FoamMaster™ Hot/Cold Milk and Hot/Cold Foam

Flavours – 6 Flavour options

CleanMaster™ – Fully automatic cleaning process

10.4″ Touch screen – incredibly simple operating concept

FoamMaster™ – for perfect foam exactly how a barista would do it

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