Franke A1000 Flex Automatic Coffee Machine

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Coffee and espresso beverages in one machine.

You no longer need to choose! We have brought the best of both worlds together with the A1000 FLEX: Freshly ground and brewed coffee plus espresso beverages and more.

Designed for the ultimate FLEXibility, let your mood and the moment decide which beverage you select. Aromatic coffee, creamy cappuccino, chocolatey mocha, and dreamy macchiato are at your fingertips. The A1000 FLEX is a complete beverage system with maximum customization.

Capacity | Up to 300 cups per day of deliciously consistent quality coffee and/or espresso drinks


  • One pre-set espresso bean hopper & grinder | 2.6 lbs., lockable (position: rear left)
  • One pre-set coffee bean hopper (House Blend) & grinder | 2.6 lbs., lockable (position: rear right)
  • One pre-set coffee bean hopper (Single-Origin) & grinder | 1.3 lbs., lockable (position: front left)
  • One chocolate powder dosing system | 1.3 lbs., lockable (position: front right)
  • Cup sensor
  • iQFlow™
  • Automatic height-adjusting dispensing outlet
  • Optional Features | Coffee grounds chute
  • Special Order | Autosteam Pro (S3) steam wand (automatic milk foaming)

MILK SYSTEM | FoamMaster™ Hot/Cold Milk and Hot/Cold Foam

  • Milk Capacity | 2 x 1 gallon, 2 x 4 liter container or 1 x 10 liter container

FLAVORS STATION | Automatic dosing station for up to 6 flavours

CUP WARMER | With four heatable trays

CLEANMASTER | Fully automatic cleaning process


  • Can be used for various payment methods, Mastercard or Visa cards, Apple Pay and NFC (near field communication) payment methods

10.4″ TOUCH SCREEN | Incredibly simple operating concept

FOAMMASTER™ | For perfect foam

  • Digital Services
  • iQFlow™
  • Iced Coffee Module