Franke A800 Automatic Coffee Machine | Fresh Brew | Bean-to-Cup

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More Taste, Less Waste

Step into the future of coffee brewing with the  Franke Coffee Systems specialty coffee maker, the Franke A800 Automatic Coffee Machine Fresh Brew. This coffee machine offers unparalleled quality and is designed to handle the needs of diverse customers, from those who favour iced coffee to coffee been aficionados. 

This machine’s robust features set it apart from other models like the Franke A600 Super Automatic Espresso Machine and the Franke A1000 Flex Automatic Coffee Machine.

The Franke A800 Fresh Brew offers a powerful bean-to-cup solution that guarantees each cup is brewed to order for more taste and less waste.

With a capacity to produce up to 250 cups of top-quality coffee per day, this Franke machine coffee innovation accommodates up to 3 different types of beans, granting everyone their ideal cup of coffee.

Ideal Industries

The Franke A800 excels in industries demanding frequent and high-quality coffee output. It performs exceptionally well in commercial kitchens and is a must-have for any cafe. The Franke A800 is also a great fit for large corporate offices, hotels, and educational institutions.

Tailoring Coffee Experience with Franke Espresso Machine

The Franke A800 comes equipped with advanced features like two rear bean hoppers with 2.5 lbs capacity each and an additional front bean hopper with 1.3 lbs capacity. The hoppers are lockable for security and freshness. 

Plus, the machine’s intuitive 10.4″ touch screen with video capability and iQFlow™ technology ensures maximum flavour extraction for unrivalled in-cup quality. 

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Specifications & Key Features for The Franke A800 Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Capacity: Up to 250 cups per day of consistently delicious coffee
  • Bean Hoppers: 2 rear (2.5 lbs each), 1 front (1.3 lbs) – lockable
  • Interactive 10.4″ Touch Screen: User-friendly interface with video capability
  • iQFlow™: Revolutionary IQFlow™ extraction technology ensures superior in-cup quality
  • Automated Outlet: Height-adjustable, combined water, and coffee outlet with cup sensor
  • EasyClean: Streamlined automatic cleaning for optimal hygiene

Additional Customizable Features for The Franke A800 Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Programmable Cold Water Bypass: Adjust cold water input for shorter beverage prep time.
  • Quick Cooling: Ambient water source for rapid beverage cooling, ensuring perfect temperature.
  • Menu Flexibility: The advanced system allows you to update menus and seasonal promotions remotely.

For more features, technical specifications, and to compare against other Franke machines, Request a Brochure today.

Experience the apex of Franke Coffee Systems with the Franke A800 Fresh Brew, a masterclass in Franke machines designed for those who refuse to compromise on their coffee.

Electrical Connection 208V (30 A)

Dimensions 13.4 in x 33.5 in x 23.6 in (W/H/D)

Weight (empty) 135 lbs.

Water Connection 3/8″ compression fitting, L=59 in.

Drain Hose Diameter = 0.75 in., L – 78.7 in.

Water Quality Requirements (see brochure)