Franke S700 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Where will you take it?

The S700 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine marries the intelligent technology of our fully automatic A-Line and the creative capacity of a 2-step machine. Like a 2-step, it encourages users to explore their creativity in countless ways. Like a state-of-the-art fully automatic, it offers outstanding usability and user experience.

Game-Changing iQFlow™

Up to now, professionals have relied mainly on the fineness of the grind to control the extraction quality. With iQFlow™, we have developed an intelligent technology that gives you access to a whole new level of flavor extraction and product consistency, allowing your team to focus solely on the customer and create a unique brand experience.

  • Get more flavor out of the beans
  • Define your individual taste profiles
  • Ensure product consistency in every cup, every day
  • More profitability: Intelligent technology reduces unproductive time spent operating the machine

  • iQFlow™: Intelligent coffee extraction for exceptional taste profiling and absolute product consistency in real time.
  • Two grinders for more variety.
  • Cutting-edge performance: up to 160 espressos per hour.
  • 3-boiler system for endless steam performance.
  • 8″ touch screen and intuitive UI.