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Revolutionizing Your Kitchen with Henny Penny

The Henny Penny F5 Open Fryer is designed from the ground up to make frying high-quality food easier, safer and more efficient for any kitchen. Not just a chicken fryer, this exceptional Henny Penny Open Fryer stands out with its 30 lb oil-saving platform and advanced control system featuring a 7-inch touch and swipe screen. This user-friendly, graphics-based operating system is so intuitive that it can slash initial training time by up to 50%, making it a perfect choice for any kitchen environment.

Innovative Filtration and Oil Management

The Henny Penny F5 fryer is equipped with the Simple Touch Filtration system, allowing crew members to filter individual vats as needed without interrupting cooking in other vats. With just a few screen taps, the system efficiently drains and filters oil, rinses away crumbs, and returns hot filtered oil to the vat in about three minutes. Plus, the sensor-activated automatic top-off feature monitors the oil level, automatically replenishing it from an internal reservoir, extending the life and quality of the oil.

Energy Efficiency and Customization

This Henny Penny deep fryer is ENERGY STAR® certified, boasting over 85% energy efficiency. It recovers temperature swiftly, ensuring consistent cooking quality for all your fried foods. Choose from various configurations, including 1, 2, 3, or 4-well, with full or split vat options, tailoring to your specific needs.

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Standard Features: Simplified Operations and Robust Design

The F5 fryer prides itself on its ease of operation and kitchenproof design ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

Simple Operation

The Henny Penny F5 Electric Open Fryer is renowned for its simple operation, featuring a custom operating system with an intuitive touch and swipe interface. This system allows users to quickly learn the machine’s operations, potentially reducing training time by up to 50%.

This user-friendly design eliminates the need for traditional handles, valves, or knobs and includes an easy language switch feature, making it accessible for diverse kitchen staff.

Ultra-Efficient System

Efficiency is at the heart of the Henny Penny F5’s design. It offers full vat, split vat, or combination configurations to suit different cooking needs. The 30 lb platform can cook the same size load in 40% less oil than 50 lb vats, enhancing oil efficiency.

Its automatic top-off feature continuously monitors the oil level, adding fresh oil from an onboard JIB as needed. The fryer is equipped with a powerful 8 gal (30 L) per minute filter pump and an improved nozzle design that targets vat corners to clear crumbs. Its quick 3-minute filter time and a slanted deck design that channels oil drips into the vat significantly reduce cleanup efforts.

Kitchenproof Design

Durability and ease of maintenance are key aspects of the F5’s kitchenproof design. It boasts heavy-duty stainless steel vats with a 7-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability. The control panel features a durable 4 mm, 7-inch recessed touchscreen, providing access to 99 cooking programs, idle and melt modes, load compensation, proportional control, and filter tracking.

The fryer also includes high-limit temperature protection with control-panel reset for safety. For cleaning and maintenance, the heavy-duty basket rest is easily removable, hinged elements simplify vat cleanout, and it’s fitted with four heavy-duty casters, two of which are locking, for mobility and stability.

Ideal for Diverse Industries

The Henny Penny F5 fryer is an ideal solution for various sectors, including Bars & Pubs, Cafes, Full Service Restaurants, and Quick Service Restaurants. Whether you’re looking for the versatility of the Henny Penny Evolution Elite® or the large capacity of the Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer, our range of top Henny Penny products offers exceptional solutions for all your frying needs.

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Accessories shipped with the unit

  • Fry Baskets – 1 full or 2 half-baskets per well (additional charge)
  • 1 Basket Support for each vat
  • Element Lift Tool
  • Installation and Operating Manual

Optional accessories

  • ODS 310 50 lb oil disposal shuttle
  • Fry well covers
  • Prime Filter Packets, HD pads or powder
  • SmartFilter™ paper
  • Prime Cleaner
  • Oil dispensing jug