Wilson Creek Shell

Located along the beautiful Sunshine Coast Highway in British Columbia, the Wilson Creek Shell Service Station has everything you need to keep you and your vehicle fueled up while on the road.

Slush Success

The Wilson Creek Shell features DSL’s Taylor 349C Four Flavour Slush Machine. Since implementing a slush program, owner David Munro has seen a healthy surge in profits and not just on the slush!

“Having the slush unit for only a month now is proving to be a tremendous success. Each day our slush sales grow and other in-store purchases are increasing with each slush drink sold.” – David Munro, Owner

DSL’s Service Commitment

DSL knows your business can’t afford downtime, that’s why we strive to ensure your DSL equipment is always up, and always on with our expertly trained technicians and commitment to serving you.

“With DSL’s 24-hour parts and service, we are ensured minimal downtime.”

“Special thanks to the DSL Service Technician who services our more remote location; his knowledge of Taylor equipment was outstanding as he worked out the kinks during the initial start up. His patience and understanding relieved us as he explained the service he was performing, detailing the operation and maintenance of the 349C and going out of the way to provide us with personable and caring service.


Long-Term Investment, Long-Term Success

DSL’s partnership with world-class brand partners like Taylor means you are investing in top-of-the line, quality pieces of equipment.

“We anticipate large volumes of slush sales during the summer and consider this investment a long-term success with excellent profits in slush products, four flavors to offer, and increased foot traffic. This investment should pay for itself in no time!”