Taylor 428 Uncarbonated Slush Machine

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The Taylor 428 frozen uncarbonated beverage machine can let you serve many different beverages, such as frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, coffees, cappuccino and tea slush. The refrigeration system of the unit is optimized for efficient operation, creating a surprisingly quiet, compact and self-contained freezer. Its small dimensions mean it is very well suited for smaller spaces. And as always, it’s built using the high quality Taylor manufacturing process, ensuring it is constructed to the highest standards and that you get the best and longest lasting equipment on the market. We have a large inventory of slush machines that gives the option of choosing the best one for your commercial purposes here some of the popular models Taylor 349 Uncarbonated Slush Machine, the Taylor 430 Uncarbonated Slush Machine, the Taylor 5454 Milkshake Maker and the Taylor C300 Uncarbonated Slush Machine.

  • Capacity: low
  • Cooling Technique: air. Requires 6″ on both sides to operate properly
  • One 6.6L freezing cylinder
  • One 18.9L mix hopper where mix is stored before being made into product. Maintains temperature below 5 degrees celcius and is approved for both dairy and non-dairy products
  • Indicator lights fow when mix is low and other notifications
  • Automatic Consistency Control
  • Standby mode safely maintains product during periods of lower demand
  • Freezer Door; merchandises while making product and built for easy dispensing
  • Lighted Display
  • Air Filter
  • Net Weight: 221lbs, 100.2kg, Crated: 264lbs, 119.8kg
  • Volume: 22.8cu.ft., 0.64cu.m.
  • Width: 13-1/2”, 343mm
  • Depth: 32-1/2”, 826mm
  • Height: 32-5/8”, 829mm
  • Electrical: One dedicated electrical connection is required
  • Refrigeration System: one, approx. 3,600BTU/hr compressor
  • Beater Motor: One 1/2HP
  • Air Cooled: 6” on both sides