Henny Penny PFG 600 Gas | Pressure Fryer

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Henny Penny first introduced commercial pressure frying to the food service industry more than 50 years ago. Frying under pressure enables lower cooking temperatures for longer oil life, and faster cooking times to meet peak demand. Pressure also seals in food’s natural juices and reduces the amount of oil absorbed into product.

Today, Henny Penny pressure fryers continue to lead the industry in performance, durability, and innovation.

The Henny Penny PFG 600 gas pressure fryer recovers temperature very quickly through extremely efficient heat exchange, producing among the industry’s lowest average exhaust gas temperatures. Fast recovery translates into higher throughput, lower energy costs, and longer frying oil life. Several Henny Penny Pressure fryer equipment models are also exclusively distributed by DSL in Western Canada one of them is Henny Penny PFE 691.

Henny Penny pressure fryers have a patented lid lock and color-keyed spindle that make it easy to create a perfect pressure seal every time.

A built-in filtration system filters and returns hot frying oil in minutes. No separate pumps and pans, no handling hot oil.

The Computron™8000 control features automatic, programmable operation, as well as energy-saving, filtration, and cook management functions. The Pressure Assist feature can be added for consistent pressure regardless of cook load size.

The Computron™1000 control offers programmability in a simple, easy-to-use digital control panel with LED display.

Standard Features of Henny Penny PFG 600 Gas Pressure Fryer

  • Patented lid-lock system keeps lid locked until pressure reaches 1 psi
  • Color-keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot with 7-year warranty
  • High-efficiency heating elements generate fast recovery and energy savings
  • Rectangular fry pot design promotes turbulence for even cooking
  • Cold zone below heating elements helps extend oil life
  • High-limit temperature protection
  • Built-in filtration system
  • Cast aluminum alloy lid is strong but light for easy handling
  • Channel under lid directs condensation away from pot when lid is up
  • Raised edge on deck reduces spills
  • Stainless steel construction for easy-cleaning and long life
  • Narrow footprint saves floor space and cookline frontage
  • 4 heavy-duty casters, 2 locking
  • Computron™8000 control (additional charge)
    • 10 programmable cook cycles
    • Melt mode
    • Idle mode
    • Clean-out mode
    • Water detection alert
    • Load compensation
    • Proportional control
    • Optional filter prompt and customizable filter tracking
    • 16-character digital display with multiple language settings
  • Computron™1000 control
    • Programmable
    • LED Time/Temp display
    • Simple UP/DOWN arrows

Accessoriesshipped with unit

  • Filter screen with standard filter media (2 PHT filter envelopes)

Accessories and options available separately

  • 3-tiered basket
  • Locking basket handle
  • Full-size basket and handle
  • Crumb pan and handle
  • Filter pan dolly
  • Pressure Assist (non-CE only)

Choose one:

  • Filter rinse hose OR
  • Direct Connect shortening disposal