Henny Penny Commercial HMR | Heated Merchandisers | Full-serve or self-serve

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HMR 103 | 3 well

HMR 104 | 4 well

HMR 105 | 5 well

HMR 106 | 6 well

HMR 107 | 7 well

Henny Penny HMR commercial heated merchandisers are designed to provide operators with the ultimate in flexibility and performance for hot food display and service.  We DSL has the capability to enhance the brand Henny Penny product lineup throughout any particular product category in Western Canada. We have also other Henny Penny models that include HMR Profile Base heated commercial merchandisers and Henny Penny PBB 190.

The HMR series lets operators choose and combine full-serve and self-serve heated merchandisers in five different widths.

The HMR 103 3-well merchandiser comes as a stand-alone full-serve or self-serve unit. Perfect for expanding menus or introducing a new hot-food program into the retail environment.

Full-serve versions feature THERMA-VEC®, the exclusive even heating process developed by Henny Penny to keep foods at precise temperatures for a more appetizing and attractive display. No more cold spots or fogged glass!

Upper and lower heating are independently controlled, with separate controls for upper radiant heat over each well.

Two curved front glass profiles are available.

See separate data sheets for 4, 5, 6, and 7-well models, and for merchandiser bases available in profile or pedestal styles and in several heights and colors.

THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process eliminates hot/cold spots and fogging by gently circulating heat from lower elements evenly under pans, up through vents front and back, and over food. Sensors adjust temperature and airflow promptly to compensate for heat loss when serving.

Standard features of Henny Penny HMR commercial heated merchandisers

  • 3-well model available as full-serve or self-serve unit
  • Exclusive Therma-Vec® Even Heat Process holds food at precise temperatures with no cold spots or fogging
  • High-quality tempered glass front, sides, and rear
  • Choose front glass profile:
     Henny Penny curved
     Advantage curved (matches Tyler Advantage® series)
  • Front glass lifts easily for cleaning and closes gently on gas springs
  • Upper radiant heat with separate temperature control and food probe display for each well
  • Lower heat and water pan temperature controlled separately
  • Control lockout to prevent accidental changes
  • Water pan humidity with built-in low-water indicator
  • Brilliant halogen lamps for attractive food presentation
  • Separate switches for power and lighting
  • Removable mirrored sliding glass rear doors 
  • Mirrored or clear side glass (clear side glass, only, for CE units)
  • Sneeze guard on self-serve glass
  • Fold-down plastic cutting board
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and long life

Accessories shipped with unit
• Adjustable pan supports for 1 full-size and 1 third-size steam table pan per full service well
• Stainless steel insert for self-serve units
• Food temperature probes
• Water pan

Optional accessories
Modular wire shelf system for adding mezzanine tier
 Wire shelf for 3-well section
 Wire shelf for 2-well section
 Pan support with guide rail