How to read your Taylor Equipment serial numbers and what they mean

DSL carries a wide variety of foodservice brands, and the way to tell the age of the equipment you are dealing with can be a challenge unless you are well acquainted with it. To help clear up the mystery, we have compiled how to tell the age for two of our biggest brands, Taylor and Henny Penny (separate blog that’s soon to follow).

To find the serial number on a Taylor machine, you have to go to the front of your machine and look on the left side of the machine (your left). It should look something like the Taylor 430 (top of blog) from our test kitchen.

Determining information from a Taylor machine is a fairly easy process. The letter at the beginning of the serial number denotes which decade or ‘series’ the machine is part of. The first number after the letter distinguishes the year of the decade that it was manufactured, and the next two numbers the month of the year. The next four numbers after the month are simply the production number for the piece of equipment. The major ‘series’ are:

M-series: 2010-present
K-series: 2000-2009
J-series: 1990-1999
H-series: 1980-1989
G-series: 1970-1979

Example of Taylor serial number: M2061111

  • M = 2010 or newer
  • 2 = 2 years after 2010, or 2012
  • 06 = month six, or June
  • 1111 = production number


K = 2000-2009 series
8 = 8 years after 2000, or 2008
12 = month 12, or December
4715 = production number

Thanks for reading and we hope that you have found this information useful. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us, and don’t forget to check out the blog explaining how to read Henny Penny equipment!

The DSL Team

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