Used Cooking Oil Containment Tank 4073SQ

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MODEL | 4073SQ

352 gal | Indoor version of our space-saving square tank with a larger footprint.

Frontline International used cooking oil containment tanks are an essential add-on to any commercial equipment that uses cooking oil. At DSL, we recommend these tanks paired with our Henny Penny fryer equipment to take your operation to the next level. No longer simply a dirty job that must be done, the collection of used cooking oil (UCO) is a profit center for the modern food service kitchen. With rebates from cooking oil recyclers adding up to thousands of dollars each year, properly handling this commodity is paramount. No matter the size of your operation or the configuration of your kitchen, we have the UCO options to collect and store oil safely, cleanly, and profitably.

It can be housed anywhere indoors, including far away from fryer vats if necessary. Direct-Plumbed®, pump station, and caddy options create added versatility and convenience.

Used Cooking Oil Tank Construction and Features

  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel exterior
  • Freestanding, 40 in. l x 40 in. w x 73 in. h (1016mm x 1016mm x 1855mm)
  • Stainless steel tank platform bottom
  • Tank capacity 2702 Lb/352 Gal (1225 kg/1332 l)
  • Control panel with power indication or digital reader
  • Level indicators with safety overflow protection
  • Suitable for Direct-Plumbed®, Remote-Plumbed® or Caddy systems
  • Easy to access and service components
  • One-year warranty on all parts and components
  • Worldwide delivery and installation available

Direct-Plumbed® System: Your existing fryer is plumbed to a secure waste oil holding tank.

Used Cooking Oil Containment Tank 4073SQ 1
Used Cooking Oil Containment Tank 4073SQ 3


  • Minimal or no handling of hot waste shortening
  • Insurance and Workers’ Comp savings
  • Less employee downtime
  • Labour savings and greater employee safety
  • Cleaner grounds and image
  • Waste oil of higher value to collection companies
  • Avoid pollution fines


Direct-Plumbed® System

Transfer oil with our fully automated system to ensure you never touch cooking oil again. Fryers are plumbed into a secure waste-oil holding tank. Push a button; oil flows directly to the waste oil tank.

Used Cooking Oil Containment Tank 2478SQ-NA 5
Direct-Plumbed Configuration for used cooking oil

Pump Station

Fryer not equipped with a built-in filtration pump? The pump station easily suctions spent grease from the fry vat and pumps it to a containment tank.

Used Cooking Oil Containment Tank 2478SQ-NA 7

Caddy System

Not ready to install plumbing? Caddy the oil from fryer to tank.

Used Cooking Oil Containment Tank 2478SQ-NA 9 you are interested in learning more about Flavor Burst, reach out! We would be happy to answer all your questions.