Taylor 490 Milkshake Maker

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The Taylor 490 milkshake machine gives you the ability to serve a wide variety of frozen beverages without having to worry about whether dairy products are stored at a safe temperature. You can serve a single flavour or blend several in for a variety that customers will love. Small width makes it excellent for small to medium sized areas. And as always, it’s built using the high quality Taylor manufacturing process, ensuring it is constructed to the highest standards and that you get the best and longest lasting equipment on the market. DSL is an exclusive distributor of Taylor Brand in Western Canada and has other models available such as Taylor 5454 Milkshake Maker and Taylor 430 Milkshake Maker.

  • Capacity: low
  • Cooling technique: water or air cooled. Requires 6″ on both sides for air cooled.
  • One 6.6L freezing cylinder
  • One 18.9L mix hopper, where mix is stored before being made into product, is kept below 5 degrees celcius
  • Indicator Lights fow when mix is low and other notifications
  • Electronic Viscosity Control
  • Net weight: 280lbs, 127.1kg, Crated: 317lbs, 143.8kg
  • Volume: 17.3cu.ft., 0.49cu.m.
  • Width: 18-7/16”, 468mm
  • Depth: 31”, 787mm
  • Height: 36-3/8”, 924mm
  • Counter Clearance: 4-1/4”, 108mm
  • Electrical: one dedicated electrical connection is required
  • Beater Motor: One 1/2HP
  • Refrigeration System: One 7,500BTU/hr
  • Air Cooled: 6” on both sides
  • Water Cooled: Water inlet and drain connections under side of base 3/8” FPT