Taylor 430 Uncarbonated Slush Machines

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Sip the Smoothest Slush

Taylor Company will have all your beverages dreams coming true with their Taylor 430 Non Carbonated Commercial Slush Machine, a versatile addition to any venue looking for a premium commercial slush machine, without the carbonation.

This Taylor frozen drink machine is not just a standard slushie machine commercial unit; it’s an all-in-one solution for frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, coffees, cappuccino, and tea slush beverages, making it an ideal Taylor margarita machine, frozen cocktail machine, and more!

The Taylor 430 stands out among commercial slushy machines with its ability to serve all products at the desired thickness. Its compact size makes it perfect for space-restricted areas, and its simple operation ensures that it’s user-friendly. Built using the high-quality Taylor manufacturing process, this non carbonated commercial slush machine is constructed to the highest standards, ensuring you get the best and longest-lasting equipment on the market.

Ideal Industries For an Uncarbonated Slush Machine

This industrial slushie machine is perfect for a variety of industries. It’s a hit in Bars & Pubs, essential for Cafe Equipment, convenient for any Convenience Store or Grocery Store, and a favourite in Full Service Restaurants or Quick Service Restaurants.

Why Choose Taylor?

Taylor Company isn’t just a leader in slush machines; it’s a promise of excellence. Their innovative solutions, from 2-sided grills to leading soft serve freezers, ensure efficiency and consistency.

Discover the Taylor edge with products like the Taylor L813 Two-sided Commercial Grill, the Taylor 349 Carbonated Slush Machine, and more.

Learn More

The popularity of smoothies and non carbonated commercial slush machines is on the rise in Canada. Learn more about this trend and how it can benefit your business in our blog post: The Growth of Smoothie in Canada.


  • One 3.8L freezing cylinder
  • One 13.2L mix hopper, maintaining temperature below 5 degrees Celsius, approved for dairy and non-dairy products
  • Indicator Lights for low mix and other notifications
  • Automatic Consistency Control

For more features, technical specifications, and to compare against other Taylor Company machines, Request a Brochure today.

    • Capacity: Medium

    • Cooling technique: Air or water (Air requires 3″ on both sides)
        • Air Cooled: 3” on both sides

        • Water cooled: Water inlet and drain connections out of rear 3/8” FPT

    • Electrical: One dedicated electrical connection required

    • Beater Motor: One 1/4HP

    • Refrigeration system: One approx. 4,000BTU/hr compressor


    • Net weight: 176lbs, 79.8kg; Crated: 212lbs, 96.2kg

    • Dimensions: Width: 16-7/16”, Depth: 27-11/16”, Height: 27-1/2”