Taylor 349 Carbonated Slush Machine

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These popular frozen carbonated beverage machines have the ability to serve 4 different flavours. The optional non-pressurized system creates wetter, lower overrun slush. Draw handles on the machine are self closing, so you’ll never have to worry about wasted product, and each unit features an automatic defrost cycle function. And as always, it’s built using the high-quality Taylor manufacturing process, ensuring it is constructed to the highest standards and that you get the best and longest lasting equipment on the market. Taylor 428 carbonated slush machine and Taylor C300 carbonated slush machine can be great choices for you, take a look at these models.

  • Capacity: high
  • Cooling technique: water or air. Air requires 6″ clearance on all sides.
  • Four 6.6L freezing cylinders
  • Clear plastic dispensing doors with self closing draw handles are standard. Round dispensing nozzle conveniently fits the hole in domed lids.
  • Slushtech is standard (microprocessor based universal control for quality regulation)
  • Uses FCB syrup in bag-in-box packaging (optional syrup tank fittings for syrup in tanks)
  • Self-contained carbonation system
  • Indicator Lights/Audible alarm for notifications
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Power Saver
  • Air filter
  • Net weight: 895lbs, 405.9kg, Crated: 955lbs, 433.2kg
  • Volume: 63.2cu.ft., 1.78cu.m.
  • Width: 31-3/8”, 797mm
  • Depth: 40-3/8”, 1026mm
  • Height: 56-13/16”, 1443mm
  • Floor Clearance: 6-1/4”, 159mm
  • Electrical: One dedicated electrical connection is standard (two dedicated electrical connections is optional)
  • Beater Motor: Two, 1/2HP
  • Refrigeration System: Two, 14,000BTU/hr compressor (nominal rating)
  • Potable Water Pressure: Min. 25 PSI for proper operation of carbonation system
  • Air Cooled: 6” around all sides.
  • Water Cooled: water inlet and drain connections under side of base ½” FPT