Taylor 349 Carbonated Slush Machine

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Chill Out with the Ultimate Slush Sensation

Taylor Company introduces the Taylor 349 Carbonated Slush Machine, a top-tier choice for those in search of a commercial slush machine. This isn’t any ordinary slushie machine commercial setup; it’s a Taylor frozen drink machine designed to deliver excellence in a wide range of industries. 

With the ability to serve up to 4 different flavours, it stands out as a versatile frozen coke machine and much more. Its non-pressurized system produces a wetter, lower overrun slush, ensuring the perfect consistency every single time.

The Taylor 349 Carbonated Slush Machine features clear plastic dispensing doors with self-closing draw handles, ensuring no wastage and utmost convenience. Plus, the machine’s Slush Tech™, a microprocessor-based universal control, guarantees quality regulation, making it a top commercial slushy machine in the industry. 

It uses FCB syrup in bag-in-box packaging, but there’s also an option for syrup tank fittings. Enjoy the perfect fizz thanks to the self-contained carbonation system and stay updated on the machine’s status with indicator lights and an audible alarm system.

Ideal Industries For a Carbonated Slush Machine

Having an industrial slushie machine is ideal for various industries. Whether you run a Convenience Store or a Grocery Store, the Taylor 349 Carbonated  is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

For more details and options, explore our full range of frozen drink machines.

Why Choose Taylor?

When it comes to commercial slushie machines, Taylor Company stands out. Not only do they offer exceptional carbonated slush machines, but they also have other great products like the Taylor 430 Uncarbonated Slush Machine and the Taylor C707 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine.

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  • Four 6.6L freezing cylinders
  • Uses FCB syrup in bag-in-box packaging
  • Self-contained carbonation system
  • Indicator Lights/Audible alarm for notifications
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Power Saver
  • Air filter

For more features, technical specifications, and to compare against other Taylor Company machines, Request a Brochure today.

  • Capacity: High
  • Cooling technique: Water or air (Air requires 6″ clearance on all sides)
    • Air Cooled: 6” around all sides
    • Water Cooled: Water inlet and drain connections under side of base ½” FPT
  • Electrical: One dedicated electrical connection is standard
  • Beater Motor: Two, 1/2HP
  • Refrigeration System: Two, 14,000BTU/hr compressor
  • Potable Water Pressure: Min. 25 PSI for proper operation of carbonation system


  • Net weight: 895lbs, 405.9kg, Crated: 955lbs, 433.2kg
  • Dimensions: Width: 31-3/8”, Depth: 40-3/8”, Height: 56-13/16”