Henny Penny Prime Cleaner | Non-caustic fryer degreaser

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Henny Penny Prime Cleaner for all Fryers

Henny Penny Prime Cleaner is a safe, effective solution for cleaning high-performance fryers. This white, non-caustic crystalline compound comes in portioned packets and is added directly to water in fryer vats during cleanout or cold soak.


When fresh oil is added to a dirty fry vat, oxidation, scorching or other impurities begin to degrade oil
immediately. Using Prime Cleaner every time frying oil is changed helps extend oil life and reduce frying oil expenses.

Anything that doesn’t belong in your fry vats affects the taste of what you cook. Prime Cleaner removes carbon buildup and helps keeps your oil profile and food quality consistent from one oil change to the next.

A fouled vat surface also makes the fryer work harder to heat, reducing overall equipment life. Regular use of non-caustic Prime Cleaner will help keep your fryers performing as intended.

How it works

  • Powerful chemical formulation removes tough zero-transfat oils, grease and scorch marks, reducing
    the need for heavy scrubbing and scraping utensils.
  • Prime Cleaner packets can be used in clean-out procedure with the fryer on, or soaking with fryer off (see back.) No need to buy separate cleaning products.
  • Non-caustic formulation means no neutralizing rinse required, saving time, effort and money. No more hazmat shipping fees, either.

Competitive advantages of Henny Penny Prime Cleaner
• No neutralizing (vinegar) rinse required
• Equally effective when used for clean-out or overnight soak
• Classified as non-hazmat—no additional shipping and handling charges
• Removes difficult zero trans-fat oils, grease, and scorching without heavy scrubbing for a “like new”  appearance
• Effective chemistry allows fry vats in poor condition to be reconditioned and regular use to prevent heavy buildup
• Can be used as a multi-purpose degreaser for cleaning fry baskets, floors, counters, and sinks
• 6 oz packets for accurate, convenient dosing—dosing chart included

These other products are also available in the product line of Henny Penny Frying oil life extender and Fryer Filter Media.