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FSEN 610 Electric | 6 Whole Birds

Experience the Culinary Excellence of Henny Penny

The Henny Penny FlexFusion™ Combi Oven | Space$aver™ Plus is a marvel in the world of electric combination ovens. This Henny Penny oven is designed to bring unparalleled cooking flexibility and efficiency to your kitchen, all within a compact footprint.

The FlexFusion Space$aver Plus combination oven incorporates powerful yet highly energy-efficient boilerless steam generation into a compact tabletop unit less than 22 inches wide with racking for full-size steam table pans. Perfect for smaller operations with limited kitchen space. This system instantly adds or eliminates the precise amount of moisture needed to maintain desired cooking conditions.

What sets FlexFusion apart is its ease of use. The Space$aver Plus features an updated version of Chef’sTouch, an intuitive control system with a durable 7-inch touch/swipe screen that makes cooking with FlexFusion as easy as using a smartphone! Just tap the app for everything from cook-and-hold to cleaning and troubleshooting.

FlexFusion FSEN610 earns the ENERGY STAR® mark for energy efficiency. WaveClean™ self-cleaning system, multi-sensor core temperature probe, and USB port are standard. Removable tilt-resistant rails accept full-size steam table pans or half-size sheet pans and grids.

Popular FlexFusion built-in Apps:

  • PerfectHold | Automatically switches to Hold when done cooking
  • TimeToServe | Tells you when to load different items, so they are all done at the same time
  • FamilyMix | Shows which items can be cooked together
  • GreenInside | Displays energy and water use for each cooking program
  • CombiDoctor | Runs system self-diagnostics and displays results

Key Features for Optimal Performance

  • Flexible Pan Options: Choose between 5 or 6-level wire pan racks for optimal airflow and sanitation.
  • Enhanced Cooking Uniformity: The 5-speed auto-reverse fan ensures even cooking throughout the cabinet.
  • Customizable Options: Includes two-in-one cleaning cartridges, stands, wall brackets, and more for tailored kitchen setups.

Optional Accessories

  • Two-in-one cleaning cartridges
  • Stands and wall bracket
  • Stacking kit
  • Barcode scanner
  • Left-hinged door

Choose wire pan rack:

  • 5 levels 
  • 6 levels

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