Henny Penny FlexFusion™ Combi Oven | Space$aver™ Team | 12 Pan

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Available With (FSDH 610/610) or Without (FSD 610/610) Integrated Hood | 12 Whole Birds

Innovative Culinary Solution for Diverse Cooking Needs

The Henny Penny FlexFusion™ Space$aver Combi Oven represents the pinnacle of culinary innovation, combining multiple cooking methods into one versatile piece of equipment. Designed to cook a wide variety of menu items to perfection, this electric combination oven is a game-changer for any professional kitchen.

Space$aver™ Plus Team: Compact Efficiency

The Space$aver™ Plus Team model, part of the esteemed Henny Penny commercial combination ovens lineup, offers the unique advantage of two separate cooking environments within a single, integrated platform.

This standalone unit, less than 22 inches wide, is perfect for kitchens where space is at a premium. With the option of an integrated hood, it provides flexibility in kitchen layout, freeing up dedicated ventilation space for other cooking needs.

Advanced Cooking Technology

Each chamber in the Space$aver™ Plus Team combi utilizes a state-of-the-art, boilerless steam generation system. This system precisely adds or removes moisture as needed, ensuring optimal cooking conditions while conserving energy and water with its improved heat exchange design.

Chef’sTouch™ Control System: Ease and Precision

  • Dual Control Panels: Two independent Chef’sTouch control systems are housed on a single, convenient panel.
  • Intuitive Interface: The 7-inch touch/swipe screens offer a user-friendly experience, akin to using a smartphone.
  • Customizable Cooking: Create your own recipes or choose from 350 AutoChef cooking programs.

Versatility and Capacity

  • Flexible Pan Options: Accommodates full-size steam table pans or half-size sheet pans and grids.
  • Pan Levels: Choose between 5 or 6 levels in each cabinet, catering to different volume needs.

Built-in Apps for Enhanced Performance

  • PerfectHold, TimeToServe, FamilyMix: Streamline cooking processes with these smart apps.
  • GreenInside: Monitor energy and water usage for each cooking program.
  • CombiDoctor: Self-diagnostic feature ensures optimal performance.

Integrated Hood Features (Optional)

  • Efficient Filtration: A 4-level system effectively condenses steam and vapor, extracting smoke, fat, and odors.
  • Easy Maintenance: Convenient access for cleaning and servicing filters.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

  • DynaSteam2 Technology: Boilerless steam generation with energy-saving heat transfer.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Triple-pane door glass and a high-efficiency motor cut energy use significantly.
  • WaveClean® System: Uses 36% less water, promoting sustainable operation.

Additional Features and Options

  • Stainless Steel Construction: Durable and easy to clean.
  • USB Port: For program downloads and diagnostics.
  • Customizable Accessories: Including two-in-one cleaning cartridges and different rail configurations.

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Henny Penny is known for their reliable quality and the FlexFusion™ Combi Oven is no exception. This is not just an appliance; it’s a transformational tool for any culinary space, promising efficiency, versatility, and exceptional cooking results.

Height 49.87 in (1267 mm)
Width 21.65 in (550 mm)
Depth 30.98 in (787 mm) oven at base
33.63 in (855 mm) hood overall

Oven and hood ship separately
For hood, please contact Henny Penny
For oven, see separate data sheet

Required clearances
Sides 2 in (50 mm) air flow
Back 2 in (50 mm) air flow, utilities
Front 28 in (700 mm) door open

Ambient climate
140–270°F (5–40°C)
95% relative humidity non-condensing

Noise level <65 db

Electrical hood only
Volts Phase Hertz kW Amps Wire*
120 1 60 0.5 N/A 2+G

Electrical oven only
Volts Phase Hertz kW Amps Wire*
208 3 60 7.4 22.2 3+G