Henny Penny Fryer Filter Media

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SuperSorb® pad | PHT envelope | SmartFilter™ pad and paper

Standard features of fryer filter media

• Use with Henny Penny pressure fryers: PFE 500, PFE 561, PFG 600*
• Patented food-grade resin binder bonds additives into cellulose fiber
• Variable surface and graduated depth construction maximizes available filtering area
• Traps particles as small as 1.4 microns
• Electrostatic retention of particles as small as 0.5 microns
• Removes odors and soluble impurities
• Extends useful frying oil life
• Cuts oil add backs by 20 percent
• Reduces overall oil consumption by as much as 40 percent
• Convenient to change, easy disposal and cleanup

SuperSorb® filter pads are composed of a unique filtration medium that combines activated carbon with a variety of proven filter agents. The result is an easy-to-use, long-lasting filter pad developed exclusively for Henny Penny fryers that significantly extends shortening life while improving the quality of fried foods.

PHT filter envelope
Standard paper envelope slides over filter screen in all Henny Penny pressure fryers and open fryers

SmartFilter™ Pad and Paper
Specially designed for the active filtration of frying oils, these filter elements are for use with the Henny Penny Evolution Elite® Open Fryer.

The SmartFilter pad is impregnated with an oil extender, while the SmartFilter paper is untreated, and can be used “as is” or hand treated with oil-extending material.

As a brand Henny Penny always maintains a versatile product line that you need that includes Henny Penny Breading & Seasonings and Henny Penny Prime Filter Powder.