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FPDE 115/615 Electric

FlexiRack | 60 Whole Birds

Henny Penny FlexFusion combi ovens combine different cooking methods into one piece of equipment with the flexibility to perfectly cook nearly everything on your menu.

The FlexFusion Team combi offers the versatility of two separate cabinets in one integrated platform. Each cooking chamber utilizes a powerful boilerless steam generation system that instantly adds or eliminates the precise amount of moisture needed to maintain desired cooking conditions… all while saving more energy and water through an improved heat exchange design.

The FlexFusion Team combi Platinum Series features two independent Chef’sTouch control systems on one convenient eye-height panel. The intuitive control interface on durable 7-inch touch/swipe screens makes cooking with FlexFusion as easy as using a smartphone! Just tap the app for everything from cook-and-hold to cleaning and troubleshooting. Other models that are worth considering from Henny Penny Brand such as FPE 615 Electric Oven, FPDE 615/615 Electric Oven, and FPE 221 Electric Oven.

Removable tilt-resistant crosswise rails accept full-size steam table pans or FlexiRack pans and grids that offer additional capacity.

Popular FlexFusion built-in Apps:

  • PerfectHold | Automatically switches to Hold when done cooking
  • TimeToServe | Tells you when to load different items, so they are all done at the same time
  • FamilyMix | Shows which items can be cooked together
  • GreenInside | Displays energy and water use for each cooking program
  • CombiDoctor | Runs system self-diagnostics and displays results

Standard Features 

  • Chef’sTouch™ Control System for Automatic or easy manual cooking
    • Two durable high-resolution 7-inch touch/swipe screens
    • Full-color display, video assist
    • Create your own recipes (up to 20 steps each) or select from 350 AutoChef cooking programs
    • Select and use apps for cooking, serving convenience, cleaning, diagnostics, and more
    • Use ClimaSelect Plus to set and maintain humidity levels at 10% increments from 0% to 100% RH
    • Adjust individual settings before or during cooking
    • Multi-sensor food probes
    • Temperature in °F or °C
    • Choose a language for operations and service diagnostics
  • Two separate cooking environments in one integrated unit
    • 6 pan levels in top cabinet
    • 10 pan levels in bottom cabinet
    • Separate power supply for each cabinet
  • Crosswise pan racking for better ergonomics
  • DynaSteam2 precision boilerless steam generation with built-in energy-saving heat transfer
  • 5-speed auto-reverse fan for fast, even cooking throughout the cabinet
  • Powerful high-efficiency motor uses up to 15% less energy
  • Triple-pane door glass saves 28% more energy over ventilated door systems
  • Full perimeter seal around doors
  • Improved WaveClean® self-cleaning system uses 36% less water
  • Retractable spray hose for quick, easy rinsing of interior
  • Stainless steel interior cabinet with coved corners
  • 1 mm stainless steel exterior
  • USB port for convenient download of programs, diagnostic messages, or HACCP data

Options, accessories*

  • Lengthwise racking for GN pans
  • Two-in-one cleaning cartridges
  • Chicken grids


Height 74.80 in (1900 mm)

Width 39.25 in (997 mm)

Depth 31.50 in (799 mm)


Length 43 in (1080 mm)

Depth 38 in (960 mm)

Height 83 in (2100 mm)

Volume 78 ft3(2.2 m3)

Weight 598 lb (271 kg)

Required clearances

Left 20 in (500 mm) service access

Right 2 in (50 mm) air flow

Back 2 in(50 mm) air flow, utilities

Front 28 in (700 mm) door open

Heat (see also Cooking mode profiles)

Max temperature 572°F (300°C)


0.75 in standard cold water connection

0.75 in soft water connection

2.0 in (50 mm) drain