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EEE 141 1-well electric | EEE 142 2-well electric | EEE 143 3-well electric | EEE 144 4-well electric

DSL is an exclusive distributor in Western Canada of Henny Penny product distribution and servicing.

Advanced Technology for Superior Frying

Henny Penny Evolution Elite® Open Fryers use innovative filtering and oil level technology to extend oil life, improve product quality, and reduce overall oil consumption and costs. They do this by using a smaller fry vat design that allows the same amount of product to be cooked in 40% less oil than standard 50 lb vats.

Plus, the Sensor-activated Oil Guardian™ system is a standout feature, monitoring the oil level and automatically replenishing it from an internal reservoir. This advanced system not only eliminates the need for manual oil add-backs but also leads to less frequent oil disposal.

Smart Touch Filtration™ and Temperature Recovery

Filtering is now simpler and more efficient with the Smart Touch Filtration™ system. This feature allows individual vat filtering while cooking continues in other vats, maintaining uninterrupted operation.

With just a touch of a button, the system initiates the filtering process, completing it in less than four minutes. This includes draining and filtering the oil, rinsing away crumbs, and returning the hot filtered oil to the vat, all without the need for manual intervention with handles, valves, or knobs.

Additionally, the Henny Penny Evolution Elite® series gas open fryers are recognized for their rapid temperature recovery and over 82% energy efficiency, earning the ENERGY STAR® mark.

User-Friendly iControl™ Interface

The fryer’s iControl™ system offers programmable operation, accommodating up to 40 different cooking programs. It includes features such as idle and melt modes, load compensation, proportional control, filter tracking, and an easy-to-use clean-out mode. The interface also allows for easy language setting adjustments and supports USB connectivity.

Customizable Configurations and Robust Construction

Choose from a variety of configurations including 1, 2, 3, or 4-well, full, or split vat options to best suit your cooking requirements. The Evolution Elite® also offers an auto lift feature and an optional matching profile dump station for added convenience. Its heavy-duty stainless steel vats come with a 7-year warranty, ensuring durability. The high-limit temperature protection, high-efficiency burners with solid-state ignition, and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction make it a reliable choice for any kitchen.

Versatile Range of Models

DSL offers a wide range of Henny Penny products to fit diverse requirements. This includes models like the Henny Penny F5 Open Fryer and the Henny Penny 340 Series Electric large capacity open fryer.

These fryers are perfectly suited for serving a variety of fried foods in Bars & Pubs, Full Service Restaurants, and Quick Service Restaurants. For more insights into how commercial fryers can enhance food quality in these settings, explore our informative blog post.

Standard Features and Accessories

Standard features of the Henny Penny Evolution Elite® include heavy-duty basket rests, hinged elements for easy vat clean-out, and heavy-duty casters for mobility, with two being locking. T

he unit comes with fry baskets, a basket support for each vat, an element lift tool, and an installation and operating manual.

Optional accessories are available, including a 50 lb oil disposal shuttle (ODS 300), fry well covers, SmartFilter™ pads, SmartFilter™ paper, and an oil dispensing jug, providing complete frying solutions to meet all your kitchen’s needs.

Accessories shipped with the unit

  • Fry Baskets – 1 full or 2 half-baskets per well (additional charge)
  • 1 Basket Support for each vat
  • Element Lift Tool
  • Installation and Operating Manual

Optional accessories

  • ODS 310 50 lb oil disposal shuttle
  • Fry well covers
  • Prime Filter Packets, HD pads or powder
  • SmartFilter™ paper
  • Oil dispensing jug