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DSL is an exclusive distributor in Western Canada of Henny Penny product distribution and servicing.

High-Volume, Efficient Frying Solutions

The Henny Penny 320 Series Gas Open Fryers are designed to meet the high-volume frying needs of various food establishments. These fryers are renowned for their integral multi-well frying capability, programmable operation, and efficient oil management functions.

This series of Henny Penny Fryers includes this standard model in 3 sizes along with the enhanced version, the Henny Penny 320 Series Gas Open Fryer with Auto Lift Feature, which automatically raises the load out of the fry vat when cooking is complete, adding convenience and safety.

Energy Efficiency and Quick Recovery

One of the defining features of these deep fryers is their proprietary heat-exchange design. This design enables the fryers to recover temperature exceptionally quickly, a feature that has earned them the ENERGY STAR® mark for energy efficiency. Fast recovery not only means higher throughput and lower energy costs but also contributes to longer frying oil life.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

The Henny Penny 320 Series deep fryers boast heavy-duty stainless steel vats that come with an industry-leading 7-year warranty. This durability is complemented by a built-in filtration system that filters and returns hot frying oil in minutes, thereby extending frying oil life, improving product quality, and reducing oil costs—all without the need to handle hot oil or use separate pumps and pans.

Advanced Control Systems

Equipped with the Computron™ 8000 control, these commercial deep fryers offer automatic, programmable operation along with energy-saving, filtration, and cook management functions.

For those preferring simplicity, the Computron™ 1000 control provides programmability with an easy-to-use digital control panel and LED display. Both controls enhance the frying process with features like melt mode, idle mode, clean-out mode, and load compensation.

Ideal for Various Industries

The Henny Penny 320 Series Gas Open Fryers are particularly well-suited for Bars & Pubs, Full Service Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and Quick Service Restaurants. They excel in environments where high-quality fried foods are a menu staple.

For insights into choosing between gas and electric fryers, check out our blog post: Gas vs. Electric Fryers: The Right One for Your Business.

Standard Features and Customization

These commercial deep fryers feature a high-efficiency burner with solid-state ignition, a high-reliability heat-exchange design for energy efficiency, and a cold zone below heating elements to extend oil life.

They also include high-limit temperature protection and an easy basket set and release system. The fryers are constructed from stainless steel for longevity and ease of cleaning, and they are mounted on four heavy-duty casters, two of which are locking for stability.

Accessories Shipped with unit

  • Fry Baskets (1 full basket OR 2 half baskets per well)
  • 1 Basket Support for each vat
  • Filter Screen and Filter Envelope

Options Available Separately

  • Fryer Shortening Shuttle®
  • Fry Well Covers

Choose One

  • Filter Rinse Hose OR
  • Direct Connect Shortening Disposal