Henny Penny 340 Series | Electric | Large Capacity Open Fryers with auto lift

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OEA 341 | 1-well electric

OEA 342 | 2-well electric

Henny Penny open fryers offer high-volume frying with programmable operation, oil management functions, and fast, easy filtration.

The 340 series large capacity open fryers offer maximum frying surface area within an economical footprint. A larger, shallower fry vat produces more consistent frying results with items that float when cooking. The Henny Penny 340 Electric open fryer and the Henny Penny EEE evolution elite series open fryer are other popular models in the product line Henny Penny.

Auto lift models automatically raise the load out of the vat when cooking is complete. The auto-lift feature promotes perfect results without constant monitoring and can significantly increase productivity in lightly staffed operations.

Henny Penny electric auto lift open fryers combine power and efficient heating to recover temperature very quickly. Fast recovery translates into higher throughput, lower energy costs, and longer frying oil life.

Henny Penny open fryers have a built-in filtration system that filters and returns hot frying oil in minutes. No separate pumps and pans, no handling hot oil. Frequent filtering extends frying oil life, improves product quality, and reduces oil costs.

The Computron™ 8000 control features automatic, programmable operation, as well as energy-saving, filtration, and cook management functions.

Standard Features of Henny Penny OEA 340 Series Open Fryers

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  • Larger, shallow vat offers large surface area that promotes more even cooking
  • Specially designed “beach” accommodates oil displacement when lowering basket
  • Rugged direct drive lift mechanism powered by quiet, low-voltage motor
  • Motor and drive built into existing cabinet—footprint NOT increased
  • Two lifters per well programmed to operate half baskets independently or together at the touch of a button
  • High-efficiency heating elements generate fast recovery and energy savings
  • Cold zone below heating elements helps extend oil life
  • High-limit temperature protection 
  • Built-in filtration system
  • Easy basket set and release
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and long life
  • 4 heavy-duty casters, 2 locking
  • Computron™ 8000 control (additional charge)
    • 10 programmable cook cycles
    • Melt mode
    • Idle mode
    • Clean-out mode
    • Load compensation
    • Proportional control
    • Optional filter prompt and
    • customizable filter tracking
    • 16-character digital display with multiple language settings

Accessories shipped with unit

  • Fry baskets—please select one
     1 full basket per well
     2 half baskets per well
  • 1 basket support for each vat
  • Lift tool for basket support 
  • Lift tool for heating elements
  • Filter screen and filter envelope

Options available separately
 3 third-size baskets per well
 Fryer Shortening Shuttle®
 Filter rinse hose