3 Fast Cooking Appliances Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Let’s talk about cooking appliances. Commercial kitchens are busy places, but yours might not be as quick and efficient as you prefer. This happens a lot in commercial kitchens, and there are several ways you can address this issue. Sometimes the staff needs more training or support. Other times it’s because your equipment and appliances hold you back. Keep reading to learn about three fast cooking appliances every commercial kitchen needs so that you can become timely and efficient.

These are the following Cooking Appliances:

1. Clamshell Grills

Grills are versatile appliances that can cook almost anything, and they’re known for producing healthier versions of traditional favorites like burgers. Unfortunately, grilling can also take a while, especially since you can only cook one side at a time. If you want to get a perfect sear on your meat or vegetables and cook them thoroughly, you can be standing over your grill for a long time with waiting customers.

Clamshell grills can dramatically reduce these cook times with top-to-bottom cooking, helping you grill in record time. Your food will still be perfectly seared and cooked, and your customers will enjoy the health benefits of choosing grilled food without having to suffer through long wait times. Cut your cooking time in half with this fast-cooking appliance.

2. Pressure Fryers

Indulgent customers who often want fried food don’t have to wait as long for their food regardless of what frying appliance you use. However, that doesn’t mean traditional open fryers are the best frying option for your kitchen. Open fryers allow more moisture and oil into your food, which can leave it greasy if it must sit for a few minutes.

Pressure fryers seal out moisture and use less oil, resulting in a healthier fried product. The additional pressure, about 12 psi, also cooks food faster than a traditional open fryer that doesn’t have this pressure. Many even come with automatic top-off and filtration systems, which will save you maintenance time in addition to the saved cook time.

3. Combination Ovens and Another Cooking Appliances

Kitchens are full of appliances that only have one job. While this can be necessary to create a better, tastier product like a milkshake machine, these different appliances can also take up space and waste time. Some versatile appliances can do just as good of a job as these individual appliances and save you time.

Combination ovens are one such appliance. They can cook in various ways, from steaming to convection, and have settings that allow you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures at the same time. Your commercial kitchen will be able to produce food much faster with a combination oven. Depending on what model you get, you’ll also save space.

Clamshell grills, pressure fryers, and combination ovens are three fast cooking appliances every commercial kitchen needs if they want to save time and be more efficient. If you’re looking for any of these time-saving appliances or other commercial restaurant equipment in Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place. DSL is proud to offer high-quality commercial kitchen appliances and services to help your restaurant perform at its best.

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