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DSL Inc. is a commercial food service and restaurant equipment provider who sells, repairs, and supplies parts for all models of Taylor, Franke Coffee Systems, Henny Penny and Flavor Burst equipment. As the official Western Canadian distributor for these companies our service and support is unparalleled. We've been working with fast food restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and independent businesses for almost 100 years. With offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Seattle, Portland, and Spokane and service technicians across Western Canada and the NW United States, we are set up to provide you with the best service and support possible for your commercial and restaurant equipment.

Introducing Red Cape Service

Red Cape Service emphasizes DSL Inc.’s exceptional attitude and proactive connection with our customers. Everything we do at DSL Inc. is rooted in a higher level of service that we provide to our customers on a daily basis. From our prompt response to a customer question to our expert knowledge of our customers’ business, they have come to expect that our points of difference are the insights, products, and solutions that we bring to them everyday.

When you purchase a machine from DSL Inc. you are gaining more than just a quality piece of equipment; you are gaining a promise of reliability and a source of guidance. DSL Inc. wants to help grow your business and introduce new products to assist in that growth. Our innovative machines and progressive service department are constantly evolving to address changing trends in the marketplace. As a customer you will be updated on trends and how to implement them in your business along with creative merchandising tools and effective sales materials. Profitable customers are happy customers and that is DSL Inc.’s goal.

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