Taylor 384 Uncarbonated Smoothie Machine

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The Taylor 384 frozen uncarbonated beverage machine is great for serving non-dairy frozen drinks such as cocktails and smoothies. Pre-mix may be dispensed directly into a cup or you can even blend flavours for more variety in your store or restaurant. Its small size also makes it excellent for space-restricted areas. And as always, it’s built using the high quality Taylor manufacturing process, ensuring it is constructed to the highest standards and that you get the best and longest lasting equipment on the market.

  • Capacity: low
  • Cooling technique: water
  • One 9.5L freezing cylinder
  • One 11.4L mix hopper, where mix is stored before being made into product Adjustable setting for temperature included.
  • Indicator Lights for when mix is low and other notifications
  • Automatic Consistency Control
  • Flavour Cards to display the flavours available
  • Optional Continuous Auto Fill System
  • Optional Lighted Display
  • Net weight: 243lbs, 110.2kg, Crated: 275lbs, 124.7kg
  • Volume: 14.5 cu.ft, 0.4cu.m.
  • Width: 16-7/16”, 418mm
  • Depth: 28-1/4”, 718mm
  • Height: 30-7/16”, 773mm
  • Electrical: one dedicated electrical connection required
  • Beater motor: one 1/2HP
  • Refrigeration System: One 11,000BTU/hr compressor
  • Water Cooled: water inlet and drain connections at the rear of unit 3/8”