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Perfect Coffee comes from Perfect Water
The main constituent of coffee is water, and even with excellent coffee beans, bad water can spell serious trouble for taste. Extra particulate, pollutants, organic matter and high levels of minerals can affect not only taste but the proper operation of your coffee system. Hard water and contaminants can clog water lines and cause sub-par performance. However, simply removing all minerals within the water does not create good water for coffee! That’s where Mavea water filtration systems come in.

How Mavea Water Filters Make the Mineral Content Perfect for Coffee:

By-Pass Water
Incoming water is separated into two paths: that which will have all of its mineral content removed, and that which will maintain its mineral composition. Only 70% of the water is completely scrubbed of mineral content, while the other 30% retains its concentration.

Ion Exchanger
Features decarbonization and selectively removes certain dissolved ingredients from the water for ultimate purity. These ingredients, such as calcium, are then dissolved again by the regeneration of the MAVEA ion exchanger and are thus removed.

Activated Carbon
A natural product, activated carbon is able to absorb a great spectrum of substances and further enhances purification.

Particle Filter
Mechanical filtration occurs in the particle filter to remove particles both on immediate contact with the filter, and inside the MAVEA filter fleece.