Henny Penny FlexFusion Commercial Combination Oven

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The newest combi line from Henny Penny, the FlexFusion Series combines a number of different cooking methods to create one of the most flexible machines you can have in your kitchen. The combis use a combination of heat and steam to perfectly cook your food, no matter what it is, time after time. Chicken to beef to vegetables and French fries, the combi does it all!

The FlexFusion combis incorporates a powerful yet highly energy-efficient boilerless steam system.

What really sets FlexFusion apart is its ease of use. The new combis feature Chef’sTouch, an intuitive and easy-to-use 7” touch/swipe screen that makes cooking with your combi as easy as using your smartphone! The app contains everything, from cook-and-hold to cleaning and trouble-shooting.

FlexFusion Combi Apps

  • Cook and Hold – Automatically switches to Hold when done cooking
  • Time-to-Serve – Tells you when to load different items so they are all done at the same time
  • Family Mix – Shows which items can be cooked together
  • Green Inside – Displays energy and water use for each cooking program
  • Combi Doctor – Runs system self-diagnostics and displays results

Standard Features

  • WaveClean hassle-free self-cleaning system
  • Multi sensor core temperature probe
  • USB port, which allows you to import menus directly onto the combi for immediate use
  • Removable pan rack with tilt-resistant rails
  • Create and select from up to 350 custom cooking programs of 20 steps each
  • DynaSteam2 precision boilerless steam generation with built-in energy-saving heat transfer.

Many Models to Meet your Needs
The FlexFusion Series ranges from the compact SpaceSaver models to the FPE/FPG models which are over 77” tall. Whatever your cooking needs are, FlexFusion can help!