Taylor 336 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

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The Taylor 336 can create two delicious flavour variations of your soft serve product, serving them separately or as an equal combination of both in a twist. It can also work with many kinds of products, from low or non-fat ice cream to yogurt, custard and sorbet. As always, it’s built using the high quality Taylor manufacturing process, ensuring it is constructed to the highest standards and that you get the best and longest lasting equipment on the market. Contact us to learn more!

  • nearly twice the freezing capacity of the Taylor 161
  • medium capacity and peak demands
  • water cooled or air cooled. Air cooled requires 3″ clearance on all sides to function properly
  • Two 2.7L Freezing Cylinders
  • Two 7.6L Mix Hoppers, where mix is stored before being made into product. Separate hopper refrigeration (SHR) maintains mix below 5 degrees celcius in Auto and Standby modes.
  • Indicator Lights for notifications
  • Electronic Controls: Taylor’s Softech microprocessor ensures consistent quality
  • Standby mode maintains product during periods of low demand
  • Net weight: 575lbs, 260.8kg, Crated: 628lbs, 284.9kg
  • Volume: 39.1cu.ft., 1.1cu.m.
  • Width: 20-7/16”, 519mm
  • Depth: 33-3/16”,843mm
  • Height: 60”, 1524mm
  • Floor Clearance:7-3/4”, 197mm
  • Electrical: Requires one dedicated electrical connection
  • Beater motor: Two 1.0HP
  • Refrigeration System: One, 9,500 BTU/hr., SHR: One, 400 BTU/hr.
  • Air Cooled: requires 3” around all sides
  • Water Cooled: Water inlet and drain connections under side of base 3/8” FPT