Henny Penny Space$aver Team Combi Oven

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Henny Penny FlexFusion combi ovens combine different cooking methods into one piece of equipment with the flexibility to cook nearly everything on your menu to perfection.

The FlexFusion Team combi offers the versatility of two separate cabinets in one integrated platform. The Space$aver series puts Team combi versatility in a standalone unit less than 22 inches wide with an integrated hood that lets you save dedicated ventilation for frying and range top.

Two independent Chef’sTouch control systems on one convenient panel make cooking with Space$aver Team combi as easy as using a smart phone! Just tap the app for everything from cook-and-hold to cleaning and trouble-shooting.

Key Features:

  • Steaming, Convection, Combination and Rethermalizing Cook Modes
  • WaveClean™ automated cleaning system for exceptional safety and water savings
  • DyanSteam2 boilerless steam technology
  • 5-speed auto-reverse fan for fast, even cooking
  • Designed for commercial kitchen demands
  • FlexiRack™ optimizes space within cooking chamber
  • Integrated platform with two independent units and dedicated controls
  • Narrow 22″ wide footprint
  • Integrated hood option extracts smoke, fat and odors through 4-level filtration system