Henny Penny F5 Fryer

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Discover The F5

Henny Penny designed the F5 to deliver the most remarkable frying experience on the market — and it’s unlike any fryer you have ever seen. The F5 is simple, not basic. Operational ease-of-use, improved training and built-in help guides create a brand new frying experience.

Simple Operation

  • Intuitive interface with custom operating system
  • Reduce initial training time by up to 50%
  • Reduction in user error that cuts waste/inefficiency
  • Fry or express filter in three screen touches or less

Kitchenproof Design

  • 7″ LCD touchscreen with recessed display corners
  • 4mm-thick tempered glass
  • Newly designed 8-GPM filter pump and nozzle system
  • Intelligent high-limit design

Ultra-efficent System

  • Low oil volume technology
  • 40% oil savings at fill vs. standard 50-lb. fryers
  • Double oil life utilizing oil management features
  • 25% improved filter speed; 3 minutes to express filter

  • 7” full-color LCD touchscreen featuring 4mm-thick tempered glass with recessed display corners designed to protect edges
  • Custom, touch-and-swipe operating system; easy to read and use
  • Built-in, simple-touch express filtration in just three minutes
  • 40% less oil than a standard 50-lb. vat, same throughput
  • Integrated WiFi module plus USB support to futureproof your fryer; receive & distribute updates and pull data remotely
  • Automatic top-off level sensors monitor oil level and add fresh oil as needed
  • Up to 99 available cooking programs
  • Heavy-duty removable stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  • High-limit temperature protection with integrated control feedback
  • Energy Star® rated