Introducing a New Brand

Here at DSL we’re always out on the prowl for new high quality foodservice equipment. One of the brands we’ve come across in our quest is an innovative company called Power Soak. Following a period of extensive research and cooperation we’re happy to announce that DSL is now offering Power Soak!

Although new to DSL, Power Soak is not new to the foodservice industry, having come out with their first piece of equipment in 1987. Their proven lines of washing systems use Power Soak’s patented Continuous Motion Washing to ensure the best clean possible. This method eliminates almost all manual hand scrubbing in the kitchen because it completely and thoroughly scours items in the wash basin with water jets, and water that is both soapy and at the perfect temperature. The way the water rotates in the basin, items are continually washed and easily come out of the water when you need them to. The exact process is difficult to describe so we’ve taken out some of the guess-work needed and included a short video:

Because of their design, Power Soak products are able to heavily reduce the number of employee hours put into washing, meaning that staff can work on more important tasks such as food preparation. Currently DSL offers three different products that each washes different things:

  • Power Soak Generation 4 Ware Washer: This washing system is the evolution of Power Soak’s original concept from 1987. Using the natural scouring properties of constant rolling motion, heated water and low foaming soap, the system is able to take care of not only regular kitchen wares but also heavily soiled and greasy filters and hard-to-clean items. The great thing about the Generation 4 is that it can directly replace a 3-basin sink in a kitchen and is completely customizable to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Produce Soak: Using many of the same features of the Power Soak Generation 4, the produce soak is custom designed to ensure the sanitation of produce in your grocery store or restaurant. It effectively removes harmful chemicals, particulate and with a proper sanitizer, almost all bacteria. By using this system, produce lasts longer on your shelves and you can rest assured that your customers are not getting sick from eating it.
  • Silver Soak: The newest member to the Power Soak family, the silver soak system is a bite-sized Power Soak product that packs a huge punch. One of the problems with having silverware in your establishment is that it can be tricky to clean effectively. Many times there are multiple wash attempts, all of which take time and water and create further wear on the utensils. However, the Silver Soak presents a great solution for pre-washing silverware before it goes in the dishwasher. It can reduce the number of times that silverware must be washed from 3 to 1, all in a quick, efficient and small package; only 1ft2 in most cases. And you can even build it directly into a counter in the kitchen to fit perfectly with the work flow.

We’re very happy to be carrying Power Soak! We have several other new lines of products that we will be featuring so that you can get to know them better. Stay tuned as we keep the brand roll-outs going!

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