Ice Twister

Soft Serve with a Twist

If you want to have the most unique and profitable soft serve program in your area, contact us today and one of our Territory Managers will be in touch  with more information about our Twister program and the details on this amazing offer.

The Ice Twister lets you have 9 flavours of soft serve ice cream from one soft serve machine, operated by a sophisticated touch screen.

The Program Includes:

Taylor C706 soft serve machine with a cart & Flavor Burst touch screen


The World Leader in soft serve, Taylor makes the soft serve machines used by McDonald’s, Mac’s Convenience Stores, and tens of thousands more.

This high capacity machine can keep up to your demand while maintaining the best quality of product in the industry. When it comes to soft serve, Taylor is second to none!

Rosseto 5 unit topping dispensers


Rosseto topping dispensers invite people to indulge with their eye-catching appearance. These dispensers are portion controlled, making them very easy to use.

The Rosseto system is an operator’s dream. They are hygienic easy to clean, and easy to refill. They also ensure that product gets used oldest to newest, maximizing product freshness and shelf life.

Twister machine branding

Your ice cream program branding is complete! Attract the attention of everyone who enters your store with this bright, colourful branding package. Included are 2 machine covers and a magnet.

FREE Flavor Burst syrup

Flavor Burst is the secret ingredient that will make your program Pop and stand out from the crowd. Delicious, attention grabbing and profitable Flavor Burst takes your ice cream program to another level.

From one machine you’ll be able to add 8 flavours, plus a combination of flavours. View the video below see a sample: