Halloween Costume Contest

Maria Pucci – Hot Dog Vendor

Featuring a Hot Dog! Who’s a good Hot doggo?!

Carmen Sheane – Nun

Featuring Pope John Doggo II.

Maria Tobar – Honey Bee

Featuring her bee-utiful family!

Marco & Susan – Garden Gnomes

Go big or go Gnome!


Troy Bannerholt – Sasquatch

Not actually sure Troy didn’t just pay someone to sit in his office in this suit all day…

Breanne Bannerholt – Velma

“And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

Ryan Ayoubi – Dave Malay

“Hey Brain, see attached McDonald’s Presentation”

Emberly Purihin – Anenome

Just keep swimming!

Lucy Pacheco – Old Lady

Oi, everything hurts…

Brett Nestman – Sia

Some things you can’t unSIA…

Jade Lussier – Invisible Girl

Wow, she’s good! check out that before and after!

Trevor Glover – T-Money

The UnderGlover Lover

Joey Du – Professor Chaos

Arjun Singh – Scream Killer


Reeve Bunn – Where’s Waldo

He gives Invisible Girl a run for her money…where could he be!? Is he even in this photo?

Steve Gray – Steampunk

Colten Bishop – Sugar Daddy

Look at that proud papa!