DSL’s youngest customers, Screamin’ Brothers, Create Cool Ice Cream Alternative

With the oldest brother being only twelve years old, the Screamin Brothers are certainly the youngest customers DSL has ever dealt with. Dawson acts as company CFO, while J.R. is the head of research and development. However, their story and the amazing success that they have had both in the business and their charitable contributions are testaments to how age is no detriment when your will and heart are huge.

The ice cream they make is made with coconut milk and sustainable ingredients and is gluten free. The only sweetener in any of their ice creams is honey, which has such a low sugar content that it is safe for diabetics to consume. In addition to making great treats, a portion of all profits go back to the Haiti orphanage where their newly adopted brother three-year-old David is waiting to come to Canada, and another portion goes to local children’s charities. In the beginning, J.R. and Dawson hand mixed their product for hours on end. However, as their profile increased and they began attracting the interest of various organizations from across Alberta, the boys needed to find a higher capacity method of production.

When DSL Territory Manager Amanda McLellan learned of the boys, she knew she could provide them with the equipment and support the boys needed to grow their great story. After working with the boys and their parents, it was decided that a gravity-fed machine simply would not do; the organic coconut milk, vanilla and honey kept freezing in the chamber. Instead they opted for a high-capacity pressurized Taylor C712 soft serve machine. The result was a light, fluffy and delicious product.

Following the installation, Amanda and the family started working on networking the project to organizations and businesses that they believed would match the ethically sourced business model thatPura Vida (the kids parents’ farm) already aligned with. Initially, Amanda introduced them to Janet Henderson with City Palate and Slow Food Calgary. Janet was immediately taken with the boys’ wonderful story and after tasting the product with her own sons, was a huge fan. She included the Screamin’ Brothers in a brief write-up in the Stockpot section of the City Palate magazine that is currently is distribution until June 28th. Additionally, she brought the Screamin’ Brothers story to the City of Calgary Food System Assessment project that she currently sits on the board for.

Amanda also introduced the boys to David Haughton with the Fuel For Gold (which feeds the ever health-conscious Olympic athletes) project that the Canadian Sports Centre is spearheading at the U of C. Completely in line with the values of Fuel For Gold, the organic, locally sourced treats are ones that Fuel For Gold hopes to integrate into their program this summer.

Finally, Amanda and the family have been working with some nutritionists from Alberta Health Services to explore the potential of a product in a public sector setting.

The Screamin’ Brother’s reputation continues to grow. They’ve also recently received recognition in the Lethbridge Herald.

As the Screamin’ Brothers expand their enterprise throughout Alberta and the country, it’s great to know that DSL has been a part of the story. Amanda McLellan personally commented on how wonderful the kids and the family were to work with. Their indomitable spirit, combined with their newly found sense of business, will certainly mean the Screamin’ Brothers are set for a bright future.

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