Frequently Asked Questions

Is DSL still open for business?

We are still open and available to assist you with parts orders, service requests, and equipment inquiries, or to assist with any questions you may have through the following channels:

  • By phone: call 1-800-665-1125 for assistance during regular business hours.
  • Email: service@dslinc.com
  • Remote troubleshooting: Contact DSL to see if remote troubleshooting is an option for your service request. 

What measures are you taking to keep your team members safe?

Our front line staff have been advised of the current best practices regarding hygiene, sanitization and social interaction to ensure we can support you safely. We’re supporting and encouraging staff to work remotely at this time and we’ve eliminated group gatherings, open houses and suspended group training and are recommending alternative methods of communication to avoid meetings and travel.

We’re taking additional precautions within our network of service technicians working in the field and onsite at your businesses. Service technicians have been instructed on current best practices as recommended by the Government of Canada Public Health Agency. These include:

  • Checking in with the owner/operator at the restaurant/store level to ensure they conform to the customer’s expectations regarding cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Social distancing expectations and elimination of contact in greetings.
  • A zero-tolerance sick policy.
  • Latex gloves are provided to technicians for use when working on equipment.
  • Industry-standard 35% food-grade peroxide used when sanitizing all equipment serviced by DSL technicians.
  • Work orders will no longer require a signature on completion of service requests to limit the handling of smart devices.
  • Use of augmented reality tools to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot basic equipment faults, then providing instruction on possible repairs to reduce our onsite presence.

Are there any service disruptions to DSL customers?

We’ve seen very limited disruptions to our service at this time, and we’re continually seeking innovative ways to best serve you.