Constantly Changing Menu Items? Consider a Combi Oven. – Henny Penny

Today’s menu trends are constantly changing. Your customers’ needs and wants can change at the drop of a hat. Purchasing single-purpose equipment every time you decide to change menu items is expensive and most of the time unrealistic. There is however, an answer to those problems. The combination oven, more commonly known as the combi, offers a future-proof solution to menu trends by utilizing a number of cooking methods, several of which can be used while cooking a variety of foods at the same time. – Henny Penny

In what areas does a combi lead to cost savings?

  • Reduced food waste as a result of more consistently cooked product
  • Higher yield on proteins due to less shrinkage
  • Shorter cook times, resulting in energy savings
  • Higher productivity
  • More energy efficient than convection ovens

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