Our Safety & Environmental Commitment

DSL is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by offering several lines of cooking equipment that are Energy Star approved. We have also partnered with provincial utilities to support programs that reward customers for choosing energy efficient pieces of equipment.

At DSL, we strive to make environmentally friendly choices in our day to day operations, including using fleet vehicles that reduce fuel consumption, and utilizing a dispatch system for our technicians in order to maximize efficiency and minimize mileage.

In an effort to reduce paper waste, DSL’s service manuals, service reference materials, and service orders are all processed electronically, greatly reducing our environmental impact. We have also eliminated the use of paper in most of our internal processes. Everything from vacation requests to invoicing and payment collection is done electronically.

DSL also has a strong recycling and reuse program with each employee desk having its own recycling bin and access to a dishwasher to avoid disposable utensils. We also aim to reuse 80% of the packaging received in our warehouse for shipments.

Some of our team even carpool to work together!