7 Reasons Your Office Deserves the Best Specialty Coffee

Cultivating an Office Environment

Gone are the days of the drab, drip coffee that’s been sitting
in the same pot for hours. Your office staff want and deserve to
feel valued and look forward to that first cup of specialty coffee
every morning, especially if they have a case of the Mondays!
Stepping up your office coffee offering is essential in keeping your
staff happy and bringing their best day after day.

Stress Reduction

Coffee is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world, so it’s no surprise
that your employees want something extra special when it comes to their brew. A great
specialty coffee not only keeps energy up throughout the day, but offers your staff
chance to take a moment to themselves and hit the reset button.
91% of employees polled believe drinking a gourmet cup of coffee reduces
stress, and the fact is coffee actually reduces stress by getting rid of excess cortisol
(a stress hormone) in the body. Similarly, the aroma of a specialty coffee alone has
been shown to have the same effect.

Create a Community

It’s a fact, today’s average office employee is tied up in multiple projects, deadlines,
and to-do lists. It’s easy for staff to absorb themselves with their individual assignments
and forget that it takes a team to run a successful organization.
A specialty coffee offering creates the opportunity for staff to break away from
their desks and chat with teammates over a quick cup. Although it may seem small,
this helps to build a culture of teamwork and build a sense of community in your

Ensure Employees Feel Valued

A good compensation package is only one way to show your employees their
value. Providing your team with gourmet specialty coffee that offers customization and
flavor options is another way to show your team just what their hard work means to
your organization.

  • 86% of employees believe companies that offer specialty coffee truly value their staff.
  • 83% of employees believe offering high-quality hot beverages is the most visible way to demonstrate a commitment to employee satisfaction.

Stimulate Communication

An organization’s success is a based on teamwork and communication.
Encouraging the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information is a key factor in ensuring
a productive environment of high performing staff.
Coffee is a social stimulant that encourages communication and collaboration
between co-workers, clients, and customers, resulting in a better office culture for

Provide Choice

Whether it’s a customizable benefits package, or a variety of snacks in the office
vending machine, employee satisfaction surveys have shown that employees prefer a
choice. Coffee drinkers are no different in that some prefer a plain black coffee, while
others prefer the richness of espresso and a high-quality milk foam.
If your office coffee is lacking options, you risk employees leaving the building in
search of their perfect cup of java elsewhere. Why not bring their favorite coffee to
them? A selection of beverages, flavor profiles, and fresh milk options keep your staff
in the building and always looking forward to their next coffee break.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

On average, employees leave the office for 15 minutes each day in search of
their preferred type of coffee. On the surface, that might not seem like that much time
spent out of the office, but multiplied by the number of members in your organization
and that number begins to add up to a lot of lost productivity.

Based on this average, we can determine an approximation of just how much time
you’re losing:

  • Small office of 10 employees = 2.5 hours a day and 12.5 hours a week
  • Larger office of 100 employees = 25 hours a day and 125 hours a week

Keep your team connected to each other and increase productivity by offering a specialty
coffee program worth sticking around for.

Promote Positivity

The study conducted by Sirota Survey Intelligence also demonstrated that office
staff with a high level of satisfaction unsurprisingly have a more positive attitude. There
isn’t an organization in the world that doesn’t value positivity in their employees and
overall workplace culture.

Keeping your team happy with a quality specialty coffee offering improves your
office environment and your company’s bottom line. Boost company morale and
productivity while attracting and retaining an organization of high-performers with a
Franke Coffee Machine.

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