4 Benefits of a POS System for Your Frozen Yogurt Shop

1) Surveillance: A high quality POS system can aid in the all-important task of surveillance for small businesses, allowing owners to effectively manage employees while they’re away and to monitor transactions via video feed. An effective POS system provides for employee management through an incorporated employee check-in process, which prevents employees from clocking-in for each other. Transaction monitoring is also achieved through an integrated surveillance system by ensuring that the transactions are being completed correctly using the proper procedures.

2) Time Management: Improving efficiency wherever possible is important for staying organized and ensuring superior time management. A Point of Sale System for your frozen yogurt shop can help streamline time consuming tasks such as inventory ordering, calculating price per ounce and managing loyalty programs, allowing owners to spend a greater portion of their time on operating the business.

3) Integrated Scales: Weighing product in a frozen yogurt shop is the most common method of determining price during a sale. With a POS system, the scale is integrated into the computer system, enabling faster and more efficient transactions. The bulk of the customer’s purchasing process is also automated, reducing the potential for human error and other mistakes.

4) Managing Promotions: Any business has promotional activities, and frozen yogurt shops are no different. A great POS system will not only allow operators to manage coupons and gift cards, but also to implement tiered pricing. For example, the system can allow for a particular per unit price for 1-8oz purchases and then a lower per unit price for higher amounts. Such pricing promotes higher volume sales because of the perception of better value through bulk purchasing.

About the Author: Cafe Cartel Systems has been providing point of sale software and solutions for over ten years. Our experience in the frozen yogurt industry exceeds any other frozen yogurt pos company. Our software is easy to use and intuitive as well as can integrate with any hardware needed from ounce scales to surveillance systems.

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